Monday, April 24, 2006

Outta sight, Outta mind

I'm leaving for Prague and Paris for 6 days tomorrow. During that time you'll be forgotten. All of you.

Monday, April 03, 2006


I don't have any.

(I dedicate this post to my housemates)


So I was kinda wasting time while putting off this paper I'm working on and I started browsing facebook (what else?) and looked through some of my old wallposts. As I was doing this I realized that I actually sorta miss people. Imagine that....the tinman finally got a heart (get'm supposed to be the tinman). Anyway, I hope none of you let this go to your heads. Seriously.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Definition of a Moment

For any experience of reasonable significance, you're almost bound to carry away from it a set of definitive moments. Indelible images, habitual patterns, personal relationships, and an array of associative mental and emotional states all encompass the reservoir from which these moments are drawn. They constitute a wider pool from which particularly transcendent or simply representative moments are extracted; they are the pad and pencil used to sketch the portrait.

It's pragmatic in many ways, by allowing you to condense a diverse set of experiences into a coherent whole. It's a way to represent experience to yourself, to remind you of the experiences that have molded who you are. It can be a way to legitimize experience, to infuse meaning into it.

To date, London has certainly provided some moments that I already believe to be definitive. Still, the experience necessitates some rounding out. From here on out I have one week of classes left, a month of spring break (complete with travel), and then roughly 4 weeks of revision/finals. A lot of people speak as if the experience is dovetailing, as they cite their interminable list of travel destinations, their rigorous exam schedule, and their anticipation to get home and see family and friends. Of course I empathize with this sentiment, but for now I'm largely concerned with how London's legacy will resonate with me six months down the road. Basically, when I'm grinding out through hard times next year I want to look back and immediately capture the essence of my experience in the image of a face, a street, a night, a shop, or countless other microcosmic elements that give this experience, and me, definition.
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